Sea Breeze Soup
Sea Breeze Soup
Consumption Recovery
Catering Sit-In
Description A simple pasta soup seasoned with a kiss of ocean brine。
Ingredients Milled Flour (x3)
Tender Whitefish (x2)
Olive Oil (x1)
Effect Restores 1000HP to everyone
Price 400
Found Locations
Shops Aqua Rossa Bar
Exist in Games(s)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC + EVO

Sea Breeze Soup (潮風のスープパスタ Shiokaze no Sūpu Pasuta) is one of the recipes available in the Trails in the Sky SC.

Recipe Acquisition

Automatically recorded when buying the meal at Aqua Rossa Bar in the City of Ruan.

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