The Sealed Land (封印の地 Fuuin no Chi) is a location in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion. It lies below the Cathedral, and is a massive and confusing underground maze consisting of bones from unknown creatures, which are used to descend deeper into the abyss. Many seemingly man made passages and tunnels lead through the maze. A foul air discharged by Octum gushes throughout the Sealed Land along with many monsters from the Hades Gate beneath.



The Sealed Land is where the powers of light and darkness once fought. The overwhelming power of the gods pierced deep beneath the earth and created a labyrinth of caves several thousand milos deep, according to folklore. Lord Bellias carved the tunnels leading down the abyss, taking him eight years to accomplish.



Avin and the group descend into the Sealed Land through a platform in the Cathedral while Michel Lap Haven fends off the remaining Octum's Apostles. After lowering them into the abyss, they continue their search to rescue Eimelle that is taken to the Shrine of Octum beneath the Sealed Land. Avin and his friends descend through a long series of tunnels and deep pits, where they fight more Apostles and monsters emerged from Hades. Reaching the Shrine of Octum at the bottom of the abyss, they confront Bellias where he uses Eimelle to resurrect the God of Darkness, as it is the closest place to Hades. Bellias, possessing power granted to him by Octum, transforms into a demonic form but is defeated. However, Eimelle is devoured by the God of Darkness who as a result is awakened. After a long and very difficult battle, he is defeated and Eimelle is saved.

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