Sein Arms and Guards is a weapons and armor shop in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. The owner basically sells most of the items already found in Elgers Arms and Guards but with extra higher quality equipment for the later parts of the chapter 1.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Chapter 1: Dissappearance of the Linde

While Estelle, Joshua, Scherazard, and Olivier were in the Haken Gate's prison. There was a robbery in the southern block of the City of Bose. One of the locations hit by the robbery were Sein Arms and Guards. The bracers soon investigate the matter soon after to find the Capuas later in their hideout.


The Sein Arms and Guards is located in the southern block of the City of Bose. It is along the central pathway more towards the east. The shop itself holds a standard affair of weapons to use like daggers and whips.


  • Sein - the owner of the establishment and he also sells all the items too.


Equipment Category Character Effect Price
Pile Rod Weapon Estelle STR+7/RNG+1 600 Mira
Stun Rod Weapon Estelle STR+20/RNG+1 2000 Mira
Kunai Weapon Joshua STR+7 800 MIra
Dual Razor Weapon Joshua STR+21 2500 Mira
Blitz Weapon Scherazard STR+22/RNG+2 2000 Mira
Armor Vest Clothing Everyone DEF+10/ADF+2 800 MIra
Leather Boots Clothing Everyone DEF+2 200 MIra
Spikes Footwear Everyone DEF+5 800 Mira
Work Boots Footwear Everyone DEF+8/MOV+1 1500 Mira
Silver Earring Accessory Everyone Prevents Poison 200 MIra
White Bracelet Accessory Everyone Prevents Blind 200 Mira
Lighter Accessory Everyone Prevents Freeze 500 Mira
Black Bangle Accessory Everyone Prevents Sleep 500 MIra
Pearl Earring Accessory Everyone Prevents Seal 500 MIra
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