Selam El Ordin
Kanji セラム
Rōmanji Seramu
Physical Information
Age 18 (1580+ chronologically)
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Greatsword
Relatives Creha Rem Ordin (younger sister)
Occupation Enforcer
Game Appearances Nayuta no Kiseki
Voice Actor Suzumura Kenichi

Selam is a character that appears in Nayuta no Kiseki. His full name is Selam El Ordin.

Character and Appearance

Selam appears as a man with white hair and golden eyes. He dons a mask which partially covers his face


Selam is a mysterious knight who travels with Zechst and appears to be working for him.


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Selam is the elder brother of Creha, and is one of the currently living survivors of "People of Mythos", an ancient race who had powers equal to that of Gods of Creation's. A genocide of the race happened, which resulted their land to arose into space and created a huge crater on the surface of the earth. The Ordin siblings lost their father Zekust in the process. But before he died, he gave small portions of his power to Selam and Creha.

As the only two People of Mythos remaining, Selam and Creha created life in their now lifeless land. Feeling lonely, they also created a copy of their father Zekust. After they'd done, Selam and Creha went throught an eternal sleep. But five years before the game begins, the Zekust copy gained free will and went out of control. Then he separated Selam into two beings: one is a dark-skinned boy who later will be known as Signa Alhazan, and another retained Selam's original look. Signa was thrown into the earth and later was found by Orbus Alhazan.

Five years later, Selam is seen accompanying Zekust and guarding him from Signa's attack. Signa is surprised when Selam blocks his attack, and feels familiar with him. After this event, Signa is determined to fight Selam, which bothers Nayuta a bit. When Nayuta's party meets with Zekust and Selam in Oltapia Shrine, Signa engages a duel with Selam, then leaves Nayuta and Noi to chase him. When Nayuta meets with Signa again, Selam is nowhere to be seen. Signa bids a farewell to Nayuta and is never seen again until the visit to La Worg Shrine.

After Signa runs away, Selam always appears in front of Nayuta and Noi whenever they are near the Shrines. He warns Nayuta to not involved in the matters of Terra. But Nayuta is always disagree with him. Until they meet again in the highest level of Heliograd Tower. Selam declares that he has no choice but to end Nayuta's life here. Nayuta just laughs and says that he knows Selam is Signa. Selam laughs and takes off his mask, revealing his face that is the same as Signa's. Nayuta explains that it's because Selam said earlier that Nayuta can't protect his precious ones, even though only him and Signa know about it. Then, Signa explains what happened to him after his duel with Selam. That time, both were exhausted after their duel. Then, their bodies dissolved into light and combined into the real Selam.

From this point onwards, Nayuta calls Selam as "Signa".

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