The Sept-Archive: The Trails Series 10th Anniversary Memorial Book (軌跡シリーズ10周年記念本 セプト-アーカイブ) is a commemorative book celebrating the 10th anniversary of Trails Series published by ASCII Media Works in December 25, 2014.


  • Trails Series: The historical playback of the whole Kiseki story from Trails in the Sky (FC) to Cold Steel II, referencing from the games along with a chronological timetable outlining the events within the entire Zemuria continent.
  • The Organizations: A detailed re-introduction of all the organizations that have impacted the series, from the Ouroboros to the Bracer Guild.
  • West Zemuria Continental Guide: A comprehensive report of all West Zemurian regions and its locations the games have taken place in, from Liberl to Crossbell.
  • Extra: Analysis of all 371 quests from Trails in the Sky (FC) to Cold Steel II with an introduction to the Drama CDs, books publications and various merchandise. In addition, there is also a special 4-koma comic featuring Estelle and Joshua by Daisuke Arakubo, the Falcom Gakuen artist.
  • User's Voice: To be also published, all the full results compiling various favorites from a Dengeki online poll during a session between October 21st to November 16th, 2014.
  • Illustration Memoirs: Introducing all 220 visual images of the various Kiseki characters from sales to promotional images.
  • Special Interview: An interview with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo regarding the series thus far, and its future direction.


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