Mirage Quartz are one of the seven quartzes in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. The quartz increases the amount of EP, and it increases dexterity too.


Mirage quartz actually has only 1 mirage art, and most of the arts that use it are status inflicting arts as well. Mostly, mirage quartz is used for increasing parameters like dexterity, or it is used for the other elements within each quartz like time or space. Olivier Lenheim's orbment has a small emphasis on mirage due to the fact that only the center slot of his orbment is exclusive to Mirage Quartz.

List of Mirage Quartz

Quartz # of Elements Location Price Effect
EP 1 Miragex1 Orbal Factory Pantasma Altars 10Space,10Time, 30Mirage Sepith EP+5%
EP 2 Miragex3 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 100Space,100time, 200Mirage Sepith EP+10%
EP 3 Miragex5 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 500Space,500Time, 800MirageSepith EP+15%
EP 4 Miragex8 Timex5 Spacex5 Orbal factory Phantasma Altars 200Space,200Time,300MirageSepith EP+12%
EP 5 Miragex12 Timex8 Spacex8 Liberl Ark Phantasma Altars 400Space,400Time,1000MirageSepith EP+15%
Hit 1 Miragex1 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 20 Mirage Sepith DEX+5%
Hit 2 Miragex3 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 200 Mirage Sepith DEX+10%
Hit 3 Miragex5 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 800 Mirage Sepith DEX+15%
Hit 4 Miragex8 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 300 Mirage Sepith DEX+20 AGL-3
Hit 5 Miragex12 Liberl Ark Phantasma Altars 1000 Mirage Sepith DEX+25 AGL-5
Information Miragex2 Bracer Level 8 Reward N/A See enemy stats and extra
Haze Miragex3,Earthx2 Bracer Level 5 Reward N/A Enemies can't see the party
Cloak Miragex3,Firex2 Grancel N. Sewer Treasure N/A No enemy encounters

Mirage Artes


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