Space Quartz are one of the 7 Quartzes found in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Space Quartz are used to increase the parameters of movement, decrease EP cost, and increase the area of effect of arts that makes an area of effect.


Space Quartz are the unique quartzes in the game due to the fact that every arts that require space quartz doesn't have the Space element. Instead every art in the game that uses the space quartz are an area of effect version of spells. For instance, Tear, uses only one Water Quartz and it heals a single target by 200 HP. Meanwhile La Tear uses both 2 Water Quartz and 1 Space Quartz, and it heals any target within its area of effect by 200 HP. Space Quartz itself is used to increase movement for characters to as much as 3 extra spaces, and it can decrease the cost of EP while casting arts by as much as 50% (with EP Cut 3). The character with an orbment with 2 slots exclusive to Space quartz is Tita Russell.

List of Space Quartzes

Quartz # of Elements Location Price Effect
Move 1 Spacex1 Orbal Factory 100 Space Sepith +1 MOV
Move 2 Spacex3 Orbal Factory 200 Space Sepith +2 MOV
Move 3 Spacex5 N/A +3 MOV
EP Cut1 Spacex1,Timex2,Miragex1 Orbal Factory 10 Space,20 Time,10 Mirage Sepith Arts EP usage cut by 10%
EP Cut2 Spacex2,Timex3,Miragex2 Orbal Factory 100Space,200 Time,100 Mirage Sepith Arts EP usage cut by 25%
EP Cut3 Spacex3,Timex5,Miragex3 Orbal Factory 800Space,1000Time, 800Mirage Sepith Arts EP usage cut by 50%
EP Cut4 Spacex8,Timex5,Miragex5 Orbal Factory
Liberl Ark
Phantasma Altar
400Space,600Time,400Mirage Sepith Arts EP usage cut by 40%
EP Cut5 Space10,Timex7,Miragex7 Liberl Ark Phantasma Altar 600Space,1000Time,600Mirage Arts EP usage cut by50%
Range 1 Spacex3 Phantasma Altar 50Mirage Arts area of effect+1
Range2 Spacex5 Liberl Ark Phantasma Altar 400Mirage Arts area of effect+2
Eagle Vision Spacex3,Miragex2 Bracer Reward Level 7 N/A See enemy locations on map

Space Artes


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