Time Quartz is a quarts found in The Legend of Heroes series. It is one of the seven Quartz found in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Time Quartz are, like its namesake, used for adding speed and reducing art casting time.


Time Quartz when applied to make arts can be extremely helpful to turning the tides in battle. It can be used for arts like Clock Up Ex which increases speed by 50%. Time arts are very well balanced with a variety of moves like the area of effect attack White Gehenna to Anti-Sept All which causes mute in an area of effect. Time Quartz itself is very useful in increasing the parameters of characters with an emphasis on speed and some status effects that can be dealt are blind and instant KO. Joshua Bright's orbment includes 2 slots that are only available to Time Quartz.

List of Time Quartz

Quartz # of Elements Location Price Effect
Action 1 Timex1 Orbal Factory 20 time sepith SPD+10%
Action 2 Timex3 Orbal Factory 200 Time Sepith SPD+20%
Action 3 Timex5 Orbal Factory 800 Time Sepith SPD+30%
Action 4 Timex8 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 600 Time Sepith SPD+40% MOV-1
Action 5 Timex12 Liberl Ark Phantasma Altars 1000 Time Sepith SPD+50% MOV-2
Cast1 Timex1 Orbal Factory 20 Time Sepith Time to cast arts decrease slightly
Cast2 Timex3 Orbal Factory 200 Time Sepith Time to cast arts decrease significantly
Deathblow1 None Level 3 Junior Bracer Reward N/A 10% chance to kill enemies instantly
Deathblow2 Timex3 Treasure Chests scattered N/A 100% chance to kill the enemy, but the quartz break
Blind Timex3 Orbal Factory 50 Time Sepith 10% chance of blinding enemies

Time Artes


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