Wind is one of seven types of sepith found in the Trails series.


They are used for increasing parameters in Arts defense and evasion. It is also used for putting an enemy to sleep with Sleep quartz and impeding enemies from using spells (impede is to end an enemy chanting it's spell time,but they can still cast spells later.) Wind Artes are very useful in the beginning of the game due to coming acroos wind quartz very quickly to allow for early access to area of effect moves like Aerial. Even late-game there are useful area of effect moves like Aero Storm, and Plasma Wave is used to seal enemies in its line of fire. Wind quartz can also be used to make other elemental artes like Diamond Dust and Spiral Flare.

List of Wind Quartz

Quartz Effect
Shield Increases ADF
Evade Increases EVA
Sleep Attacks and physical Crafts can put enemies to Sleep
Impede Attacks and physical Crafts can cancel Arts
Scent Lures enemies

Wind Arts

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