Sharon Kreuger fights using powerful wires and her crafts carry a wide range and generally attack enemies twice, also causing status ailments and debuffs. Her Tea Time craft is a healing move in a wide range that also cures status ailments. This powerful combination of crafts makes her a potent ally in battle, able to devastate opponents while also keeping the entire party in fighting condition.

Crafts & S-Crafts

Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Description CP Cost Level
Binding Chains Attack (Set) - Area (L/2 Hits) - Seal (50%) - Delay +25 (Gather Targets) 30 Default
Shadow Stitch Attack (Set) - Area (L/2 Hits) - SPD -50% - MOV -100% (3 Turns) 45 Default
Tea Time Recovery - All - HP Heal (50%) - CP +50 - Cures all abnormal status 50 Default
S-Craft Description Level
Death's Embrace Attack - All (Class SSS) K.O. (100%) Default
True Death's Embrace Attack - All (Class SSSS) K.O. (100%) 137


Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Effect Price Obtained Location

Ultimate Weapons

Name Effect Cost Series Obtained Location
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