Sheep Highway (シープ街道 Shippu Kaito) is a location in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion. It is a road that connects Ourt Village, Phildin, and Gemstone Stope via Jewel Road. It is often used by the merchants of Phildin and Ourt.


Chapter 1 - Man of the Kingdom

When Avin was entrusted with the task of delivering the Kabessa to Sage Dinerken, Mile was standing guard between Sheep Highway and the entrance to Ourt Village. Mile decides to accompany Avin on his journey, but an extremely dangerous monster called Hamakages prevented both of them from being allowed to leave the village. This monster is wanted by the Adventurer's Guild because of how many people it killed. In order to prove their strength and reliability, Avin and Mile sneaked out of the village and traveled the road in order to slay the monster.

About halfway along the road, they encounter an adventurer named Martie fighting against the Hamakages. After seeing him struggle against the monster, they assist Martie and successfully kill the monster. Martie thanks them for the assistance. He shares the monster claw, which serves as proof that the monster is slain. When they returned to Ourt Village, some of the villagers were waiting at the entrance because they were worried about Avin and Mile. They were eventually allowed to go on a journey and traveled through this road to reach Phildin.

During Avin and Mile's certification exam, they use this road once more in order to reach Gemstone Stope.

Chapter 3 - Bond Location

Avin, Rutice, Muse, and Martie travel through this road in order to investigate Ourt Village. Along the way, they encounter an adventurer who was running away from something. They thought he was running away from a monster, but he was actually running away from the villagers. The adventurer retreats to inform the Phildin Guild Meister about the situation.

While approaching the entrance of Ourt Village, Rutice and Martie feel an evil atmosphere from the village. In order to prevent themselves from harming the villagers, they decide to use a more stealthy approach through the use of magic. Rutice casts the Hide spell on Avin and he sneaks inside the village.


Sheep Highway is brimming with green grass, but there are obvious signs of erosion. The weather is usually calm and bright during the daytime. There are many green trees along the path. The road is home to Elcargot and Karime. Later on, the road is infested with stronger monsters such as the Assisting Bee, Attack Mantis, and Exploding Cybil.


  • The travel distance between Ourt and Phildin is 415 Milos.


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