Signa Alhazan
Signa Alhazan
Kanji シグナ・アルハゼン
Rōmanji Shiguna Aruhazen
Physical Information
Age 18 (1580+ chronologically)
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Sword (as Signa)
Greatsword (as Selam)
Occupation Coast Guard (as Signa)
Enforcer (as Selam)
Game Appearances Nayuta no Kiseki
Voice Actor Suzumura Kenichi

Signa Alhazan is a character that appears in Nayuta no Kiseki.

Character and Appearance

Signa appears as a young man with brown hair and dark skin. In the end of game, his hair turns into white as an acceptance of his identity as "Selam".

Signa is aloof, but dependable. He also has crush on Eartha Herschel. He's like a brother to Nayuta Herschel, and both are best friends and partners.

After merges with Selam, Signa becomes cold, ruthless, and is always insulting Nayuta. But after Nayuta beats him in a duel, Signa becomes his old self, and inherits a bit of Selam's seriousness.


Spoiler warning: This page contains story plot and may reveal certain information that will spoil your game play experience. The game plays added in this page may only be best for those who have completed the game. (Skip section)

Signa is one half of the real Selam, who is the elder brother of Creha. After being separated from his other half by the replica of his father Zechst, he was thrown into the earth and was found by Orbus Alhazan inside his house's basement. Shortly after came into Remnant Island, he met and cheered up Nayuta, who was just lost his parents. Since then , both are always together and becomes friends alongside Lyra Barton. They also formed a guild in order to help the people in need.

Four months prior to the beginning of the game, Nayuta and Signa went away from Remnant Island in order to travel around the world and prove that the world isn't flat. After that, both return to Remnant Island. Signa is thinking about resuming the guild now that they're back. After some talk with Eartha, Signa opens up the letter box and goes back to his home. But when Nayuta goes to his home, he only finds Orbus, who says that Signa is already going somewhere else.

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