The Sorcery School (魔法大学校 Mahou Daigakkou) is a large academy dedicated to the study of magic that lies south of Guia. It is similar to a boarding school in that both the professors and students live there. It includes various classrooms and The Temple of Esoteric Wisdom where President Sion can be found. Around the school can also be found many different books on magic. It is also the home to Rael, a young and gifted boy learning magic and Elenoa, a professor who spends most of her day trying to get Rael to stay at the school.


After Avin and Mile obtain the Book of life from the Ice Palace, they return to Koruna. Rael mentions that Professor Elenoa can help him decipher the ancient language inscribed within. The group travels to the Sorcery School while Rael remains in town with the book. Not long after arriving at the school, they find Fatima and her gang threatening Elenoa for the Book of Life. The group saves Elenoa and Fatima and her henchmen flee through a window in the school. Back in the classroom, they explain the sitaution and return to Koruna with Elenoa where the find Rael has been affected by the book's power.

Later, Avin and Rutice travels to the Sorcery School from Guia to get Elenoa to help the factory manager forge the sword that will contain Bardus' power. When they arrive, they find out Elenoa and Rael are in Koruna and proceed to travel there. They make their way to Koruna and meet them at the shrine. The shrine reacts to the three treasures Avin possesses and transfers him to the realm of Hades.

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