South Block Burglary
Quest Type Story Quest
Quest Description
Part 1: It seems that while we were tracking down the missing airliner, a burglary occurred in Bose's South Block. Though the area is already under investigation by the Royal Army, I think we'd be better off doing one of our own, as well.

Part 2: The information we gathered from the South Block about a suspicious group of people isn't the best lead in the world, but it's a start. So, in an effort to further out investigation, we decided to head to the inn on the Valleria Lakeshore.

Part 3: The aircraft operated by the sky bandits was found in front of the Amberl Tower, grounded. We stole aboard the aircraft, and all at once found ourselves attempting to infiltrate their hideout!

Difficulty Easy
Client Mayor Maybelle
Points Earned  ?
Reward(s)  ???? Mira
Acquisition Given by Mayor Maybelle during a Story cutscene after fighting Kyle Capua.
Expires N/A
Main Location Bose (Region)
Timeframe Long
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Chapter 1

South Block Burglary is a mandatory story quest for Chapter 2 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Part 1

  • After a Story cutscene, you are left with this quest in Bose North District.
  • Head into Bose South District. Enter the top floor of the Lucir Orbal Factory to speak with Nial and Dorothy.
  • Head back to the main street to interact with the Royal Army.
  • Enter the second house on the left to speak with Cecile.

Part 2

  • Travel to Valleria Lakeshore.
  • Talk to Lenard, the chef.
  • Talk to Lloyd, who is fishing on the pier west of the Inn.
  • Talk with Sophina, behind the counter (not Rest). and confirm that you are willing to pass this point of no return [Get a room].
  • Interact with the water at the end of the pier near the Inn.
  • Talk with Sopina.
  • Return to the fishing spot to fish.
    • Steam Achievement opportunity: Opt to fish all 10 times before moving on to receive Hobbyist.
    • There are 6 "fish" available to be caught. Look in the Trivia section for a full list of potential catches. Below are one example each.
      • Salmon (West-Lure-Tired)
      • Tiger Rockfish (West-Live-Wait a bit)
      • Rainbow Trout (West-Fly-Wait a bit)
      • Liberl Carp (West-Lure-Wait a bit)
      • Smelt (West-Any-All at once)
      • Holey Boots (South-Lure-All at once)
  • Go to the west side of the map to find Joshua.
  • Go back inside to speak with Scherazard and Olivier.
  • Check the west pier, then walk onto the balcony of the Kingfisher Inn. Follow the Capula siblings for a small scene.
  • Exit to the north.

Part 3

  • Explore the Sky Bandit Stronghold.
    • Don't miss the Stolen Ring in the southeast room of the 2nd map. (Before the door that you can hear people talking at)
    • Don't miss the Black Notebook in the northmost room of the 3rd map.
  • At two different points, you will need to enter a room to fight a group of Sky Bandits. After the second, you will find the crew of the Missing Airliner... not including Estelle and Joshua's father.
    • Note: After this point, you can exit the Stronghold into Nebel Valley, but you cannot leave the Nebel Valley until you complete the Stronghold.
  • Continue until you can eavesdrop on a third door to listen to the Capua family and engage them.
  • Follow the Capua family back into their Stronghold, all the way back to the airship dock to continue the story.

Notebook Entry

Part 1

  • The Royal Army is investigating. We'll have to wait a bit.
  • Saw Nial at the orbal factory. Seems it WAS the sky bandits.
  • We had a tussle with some soldiers, but thanks to Colonel Richard, things never got out of hand.
  • The Royal Army finally left. Now we can investigate in peace!
  • We didn't find any clues that directly linked to the incident.
  • We did learn, however, that a group of suspicious persons was seen near the Kingfisher Inn.
  • Nothing's happened there yet, but we decided to check out the inn anyway, just in case.
  • Valleria Lake is in southern Bose. Best way to get there is to head south from town.

Part 2

  • No time to lose! Let's find that fishing buff at the inn who saw our suspects!
  • The witness' name is Lloyd, and he's at the far pier, fishing.
  • Lloyd apparently witnessed a young man and woman heading out onto the path around midnight.
  • The girl was wearing a uniform from the Jenis Royal Academy! So it was Josette?!
  • They'll be coming again tonight.
  • We reserved some rooms in order to keep watch through the night.
  • It's still early, though... which means, FREE TIME! [quaver note]
  • It's late... Let's make some rounds out by the far pier.
  • The sky bandits should show up on the path. We need a lookout!
  • It really WAS them!
  • Their vehicle should be near...
  • Found it by the Amberl Tower!

Part 3

  • We did it! We're in! Seems to be somewhere in the Nebel Valley...
  • We need to take the sky bandits down, and rescue the hostages!
  • Subdued the sky bandits! But the hostages are deeper in...
  • Found the hostages! And luckily, everyone seems to be safe!
  • Dad wasn't among them, though. The captain says he disembarked just before take-off...
  • The hostages are all safe! Now, time to arrest the ringleader...
  • Subdued the Capua family, but they got away via smokescreen.
  • They plan to escape by air! We need to get back to the dock!
  • Royal Army patrol ships?!
  • All the sky bandits were arrested by the Royal Army!
  • Doubling as training, we decided to hoof it to the Ruan region.

Boss Battle(s)


There are 6 types of fish that you can catch with Estelle while the party has "free time" at the Kingfisher Inn, depending on your direction, bait, and time.

  • West
    • Lure
      • All at once: Smelt
      • Wait a bit: Liberl Carp
      • Tired: Salmon
    • Live
      • All at once: Smelt
      • Wait a bit: Tiger Rockfish
      • Tired: Liberl Carp
    • Fly
      • All at once: Smelt
      • Wait a bit: Rainbow Trout
      • Tired: Smelt
  • South
    • Lure
      • All at once: Holey Boots
      • Wait a bit: Liberl Carp
      • Tired: Holey Boots
    • Live
      • All at once: Smelt
      • Wait a bit: Smelt
      • Tired: Holey Boots
    • Fly
      • All at once: Smelt
      • Wait a bit: Holey Boots
      • Tired: Holey Boots
  • East
    • Lure
      • All at once: Liberl Carp
      • Wait a bit: Rainbow Trout
      • Tired: Smelt
    • Live
      • All at once: Smelt
      • Wait a bit: Rainbow Trout
      • Tired: Liberl Carp
    • Fly
      • All at once: Holey Boots
      • Wait a bit: Rainbow Trout
      • Tired: Tiger Rockfish
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