The Spirit Forest (木霊の森 Mokurei no Mori) is a surreal, shadowy woods. The forest lies northeast of New Borun. It is the home of Archem and is inhabited by spirits and the Meefa.  The forest is filled with very clean atmosphere due to the fragrance of the Meefa which allows for rare, valuable herbs to grow.


As Avin is travelling through the these woods, he meets a girl by the name of Archem who is defending the Meefas from some hunters. The hunters claim they have permission to hunt these animals, whose hunting was previously banned, due to the fact Oracle Avarice had lifted the ban. Avin's group helps her and walks her back to her home on the other side of the forest.

Later, as the group is travelling down the mountain through a shortcut from Garden Hill, they arrive in the Spirit Forest. They get Archem and the Meefas and send the Meefas through the woods and up the shortcut to Garden Hill where they purify the air.

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