Stolen Ring
Kanji 盗まれた指輪
Rōmaji Nusuma reta Yubiwa
Quest Type Optional
Quest Description
I was burglarized the other day, and my Jeweled Ring was found to be among the missing items.

It's quite valuable to me, so if anyone happens to find it, please let me know. I live on Bose's south block.
Difficulty Low
Client Launa
Points Earned 3
Reward(s) 2000 Mira
Acquisition After returning from the Haken Gate prison with Olivier.
Expires Passing through the Krone Pass at the beginning of Chapter 2.
Main Location Sky Bandit's Stronghold
Timeframe Medium
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Chapter 1

Stolen Ring is an optional quest available during Chapter 1 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

While in the Sky Bandit's Stronghold, loot the Jeweled Ring from the southeast room of the 2nd Map. At the beginning of Chapter 2, speak with Launa in the east-most house in City of Bose's South Block to complete the quest.

Notebook Entry

  • Returned Jeweled Ring found in Sky Bandit Stronghold to Launa.
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