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The Student Notebook (生徒手帳 Seito Techoo) is a main key item in Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. It serves as the student ID for every Thors Academy student, in which the game automatically tracks your current game record, listing all arts data, quests available and battle log. It collects the Academic Points (AP), accumulated by good decisions, appropriate actions and number of quests. (See Extracurricular Activities for more)[1]

Thors Academy Principles

  1. Apply yourself in all you do
  2. Respect Others, Respect Yourself
  3. Became the foundation of the World


  • Name (氏名): of admitted Thors student
  • Class (所属) Current class assigned to school curriculum
  • Rank (ランク) Current Rank within school regulations
  • Extracurricular Activities (課外活動達成数) The number of quests completed
  • Field Study Tasks (実習課題達成数) The number of quests completed within the field studies
  • Total AP (総AP) Total accumulation of academic points earned

Lionheart Medals (Trails of Cold Steel)

They are traditional merits given only Thors students for their achievements in various contributions, and awarded by the faculty staff of corresponding fields.

Name Effect Where to Obtain
Medal of Valor
STR+25, SPD+5 Talk to Professor Makarov after registering 100+ enemies on your notebook.
Medal of Friendship
HP+1000, DEF・ADF+25 Talk to Professor Mary after completing half of the Friend List.
Medal of Compassion
EP+100, ATS+25 Talk to Professor Beatrix after completing more than 40 Quests.
Medal of Heroism
STR・ATS+50 Talk to Principal Vandyke after collecting the above 3 medals.

Phoenix Medals (Trails of Cold Steel II)

Medals distinguished under the Order of the Pheonix Wings. Bestowed to those and recognized only by members of the Imperial Royal Family.

Name Effect Where to Obtain
Medal of Charity
EP+100, ATS+100 Completing over 20 quests.
Medal of Love
HP+1500, DEF・ADF+150 Filled in 90 notes in the Friend List.
Medal of Strength
STR+100, SPD+10 Defeated the 5 Cryptids.
Grand Cordon
STR・DEF・ATS・ADF+100, Critical+10% After collecting the above 3 medals during the Final Chapter, talk to Emperor Eugent.



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