Battle note sen

The battle log in Trails of Cold Steel

Battle note sen2

The Trails of Cold Steel 2 update

The battle log indexes each heading, and accumulates the numerical data per save data progress in each game of the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.

In Trails of Cold Steel 2, the battle log has been reconfigured noted by the italics.

Entries obtained
Cold Steel Cold Steel 2
197 332

Combat Achievements (戦績)

  • Battles (総戦闘回数) Accumulative number of battles encountered
  • Victories (戦闘勝利回数) Accumulative number of victories occurred
  • Losses (戦闘不能回数) Accumulative number of defeats conducted
  • Fled (戦闘退却回数) Number of battles fled
  • Enemies (敵撃破回数) Total number of enemies defeated

Combat History (戦況)

  • Advantage (先制攻撃発生回数) Total party advantages conducted
  • Double Advantage (優勢攻撃発生回数) Conducted number of double advantages
  • Triple Advantage (奇襲攻撃発生回数) Conducted number of triple advantages
  • Enemy Advantage (バックアタック発生回数) Number of enemy advantages occurred from behind

Retries (再戦)

  • Retries (リトライ回数) Number of retries

Combat Skill (戦術)

  • S-Breaks (Sブレイク発動回数) Number of S-Breaks activated
  • Counters (回避カウンター発動回数) Number of evasive counterattacks
  • Cancelled Arts (駆動解除発動回数) Number of enemy arts cancelled
  • Lost Arts (ロストアーツ発動回数) Number of Lost Arts activated

Link Attacks (リンク)

  • Link Attacks (リンクアタック発動回数) Number of Link Attacks conducted
  • Assists (追撃発動回数) Number of assists conducted
  • Rushes (ラッシュ発動回数) Number of Rush Attacks conducted
  • Bursts (バースト発動回数) Number of Burst Attacks conducted
  • Overdrives (オーバーライズ発動回数) Total number of activated Overdrives
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