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Quest Notes in the Student Notebook

The full chronological listing of all quests (mandatory, optional side-quests, and hiddens) in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.

  • Those in bold italics represents the hidden.
  • Those in <quotations> are the mandatory quests for the storyline.

Trails of Cold Steel

Chapter Quest Name AP Duration
Start Deadline
1 <Old Schoolhouse Mystery>
<Orbal Delivery>
A Noteworthy Loss 4 Completing Chapter 1 Story Quests
For the Common Cold
<East Celdic Highway Monster>
<Any Bright Ideas?>
Story of Seasoning
A Day as a Merchant
West Celdic Highway Monster
Lost Wallet
<Old Schoolhouse Mystery II>
Book Delivery
Substitute Tutor
A Rose by Any Other Name
<Put a Ring on it>
<Aurochs Canyon Monster>
Addicted to Bath Salts
<North Kreuzen Highway Monster>
The Lost Traveler
The Bite of Nostalgia
<Old Schoolhouse Mystery III>
<Born to be Orbal>
The Secret Admirer
A Sticky Situation
<Return to Zender>
<Turning Over a New Leaf>
Delivery to the Watchtower
<Cameraman Caravan>
Connecting Hearts
A Special Lesson
Wandering Sheep
Nord Highlands - North Monster
<Old Schoolhouse Mystery IV>
Childhood Friend's Intention
Swimming Lessons
A Brush with Destiny
<Underground Passage Monster>
<Hat's Off>
<Chronicles of the Chronicle>
Amber Amour
<Heimdallr Port Monster>
Made for Walkin'
Oh No, Nono!
<Burglary at the Jewelers>
In Case of Emergency
<Old Schoolhouse Mystery V>
<Side by Sidecar>
Thors' 7 Mysteries
Swimming Lessons MK II
The Sleeping Boy
<Ebel Highway Monster>
<Arseid School>
Many Hands Make Light Work
<Ebel Highway Monster 2>
An Offering to the Departed
A Golden Catch
Charm of the Eisenritter
<Old Schoolhouse Mystery VI>
<A Personal Request>
From Heart to Stomach
Celestin's Secret
<Mining a Minor Metal>
Can You Hear Me Now?
Spina Byroad Monster
Midnight Hide-and-Seek
<Nortia Highway Monster>
Shots Fired
Crying Over Lost Milk
Duly Noted
Mail Mix Up
We Read the Comments
<Slipped Their Minds>
Academy Festival Patrol (Part 1)
Academy Festival Patrol (Part 2)
Academy Festival Patrol (Part 3)

Trails of Cold Steel II

Chapter Quest Name AP Duration
Start Deadline
Act 1
Munch No More
<Herbal Remedies>
A Cry For Help
Leaf it to Me
Highlands Hunt
Foaling Around
Zats Amore
Azuki's Adventure
Arseid School Bout 2
Ebel Rebel
Missin' Kitten
St. Veronica's Tears
Stranger than Fishin'
Act 2
Without Leave
Badass in Danger!!!
<Find Our First Years>
<Monster Madness>
Creeping for Creeps
<I'll Make a Mech Out of You>
<Just Getting Wormed Up>
The Sweetest of Challenges
Gone Air
Kreuzen for a Bruisin'
Mist Opportunity
Canyon, or CAN'Tyon?
Hearts in Harmony
Father's Pocket Watch
My Jormungand Don't Want None
Sachsen Violence
Nord by Nord-east
Ymir, Far, Wherever You Are
Absentee Father
Junk Wanted
Let's Talk Trista
Angler Management
Swimming Lessons: The Return
<The Race to End All Races>
<Class Warfare>
To Sharon, With Love

Trails of Cold Steel III

Chapter Quest Name P Duration
Start Deadline
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