Surprise Cookie
Consumption Strengthening
Catering Attack
Description A rock hard ballistic biscuit. Who baked this thing?!
Ingredients Fresh Milk (x1)
Fresh Eggs (x1)
Milled Flour (x1)
Olive Oil (x1)
Savory Pinion (x1)
Prickly Seed (x1)
Effect STR+500 (Area (Small))
Sell 500
Found Locations
Other Balstar Channel: 4th Map
Amberl Tower: 3F
Gull Seaside Way: 1st Map
Exist in Games(s)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC + EVO

Surprise Cookie (びっくりクッキー Bikkuri Kukkī) is one of the recipes available in the Trails in the Sky SC.

Recipe Acquisition

Not found in shops, but located at either the following areas: Balstar Channel, Amberl Tower or Gull Seaside Way.

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