Tactics - 3rd HD

The tactics screen in the 3rd

Tactics - Cold Steel

...and the Cold Steel games

Tactics - Zero EVO

...and the Zero no Kiseki EVO and the following EVOLUTION remakes

Tactics are one of the general RPG mechanics and fundamental elements in the Trails Games.


Allows the player to strategize team formations and team customization between the main team members and support members. The main group gains more additional members as the story continues, while the games limits the maximum party number up to 4, and the rest in the support group. While the battlefield is matted out in chess-grid style, formations are variable depending on the player's choice of combat

Despite tactics being an unimportant function (below normal difficulty), its highly recommended for the expert difficulty, thus useful for to beat strong enemies when severely under-leveled on a fresh Nightmare run. In general text for the player, learning all the analyzed monster data in the notebook and considering each character's battle status equals the correct choice of formation.



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