Taito Style

Zin, Kilika and Walter, the positive, negative and central forces of the martial arts

The Taito Style (泰斗流 Taito-Ryuu) is the traditional martial arts known throughout the The Republic of Calvard in the Trails series.


The style focuses on the practitioner's Chi ( ki), or energy, the vital and channeling them to their fists. Hence when hitting the target, the blow will deal forceful damage upon great impact.

Known Practitioners


  • Bodhisattva Palm (菩薩掌)
  • Thunder God Kick (雷神脚)
    • Supreme Thunder God Kick (極・雷神脚)
  • Wind God Kick (風神脚)
  • Smite (月華掌)
    • True Smite (真・月華掌)
      • Supreme Smite (極・月華掌)
  • Senjuu Kaiken (千手悔拳)
  • Buddha Circle (金剛陣)
  • Distend (龍神功)
    • True Distend (真・龍神功)
  • Composure (養命功)
    • True Composure (真・養命功)
      • Supreme Composure (極・養命功)
  • Elegant Rings (風華輪)
  • Incarnate Flow (転生流舞)
  • Phoenix Flight (鳳翼天翔)
  • Zero Impact (零剄)
  • Laser Bullet (レイザーバレット)
  • Sonic Shoot (ソニックシュート)

Succession Techniques (奥義)

  • Aural Blast (雷神掌)
    • True Aural Blast (真・雷神掌)
  • Disable (龍閃脚)
    • True Disable (真・龍閃脚)
  • Wrath of Genbu (奥義・泰山玄武靠)
    • True Wrath of Genbu (絶招・泰山玄武靠)
  • Dual Dragon Helix (双龍螺旋撃)
  • Dragon Kick (ドラグナーハザード)
  • Ultimate Blow (アルティメット・ブロー)


  • The term Taito is short for the Chinese idiom "泰山北斗", Mount Taishan and the Big Dipper.
    • Alternatively, it is also Japanese for 巨匠 meaning "masters" of the visual arts.
  • The opposing beliefs between "living" and "killing" of the school's style reflect the Chinese philosophy on Yin and yang, or the general philosophy of balance in Japanese culture.
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