S-Craft - Sen
Termination Slash - Dark King
S-Craft - Sen

Termination Slash - Dark King
Kanji 終の太刀-黒皇-
Rōmaji Tsui no Tachi - Kokouou
Craft Statistics
Base Damage
Range Type All
Power Rank
Game Designation
User Arios Maclaine
Game(s) Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Obtained Default
Perish from the tip of my tempest blade! Black Emperor Blade!!
—S-Craft announcement

Termination Slash - Dark King (終の太刀-黒皇- Tsui no Tachi - Kokouou) is Arios Maclaine's exclusive S-Craft in The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki.


The scene changes as the skies turn black where the clouds swirl, centering around a point. From where the point is shown to be the nexus of a storm, Arios stands atop a high precipice and jumps to the highest of heights covered in a vacuum-like barrier.

Upon mid-air at maximum height, Arios stances to where the thunder and lightning are being channelled to his tachi. Then performs an even higher mid-air jump, and pummels towards the surface at centre point. The stored element of thunder is swiftly discharged through the winds, damaging all targets in range upon impact.

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