S-Craft - Sen
Termination Slash - Dawn
S-Craft - Sen

Last blade dawn sen2
Kanji 終ノ太刀・暁
Rōmaji Tsui no Tachi - Akatsuki
Craft Statistics
Base Damage
Effects Tocs - burn status icon 200% (Normal), 300% (Awakened)
Range Type Area (All)
Power Rank SSS+ (Normal)
SSSS+ (Awakened)
Game Designation
User Rean Schwarzer
Game(s) Trails of Cold Steel II
Obtained Final Chapter
My blade will cleave ignorance and light the way. Haaaaaa..Ha! Sei! Dah! Ooouuu...Termination Slash - Dawn!
—Rean's S-Craft announcement

Termination Slash - Dawn (終ノ太刀・暁 Tsui no Tachi - Akatsuki) is Rean Schwarzer's secondary S-Craft in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II. The craft has an ogre version when Rean transforms into his awakened status.


One of the secret techniques of the Eight Leaves One Blade school's intermediate level. Under a full moon in the tallgrass, Rean channels all his concentration to his tachi empowering it with flames.

In a cutscene stance, Reans moves at blinding speed behind the rears of the designated targets striking damaging slashes 3 times. With that opening Rean rapidly slashes all of the targets in a raging blaze of fury.

After slashing enough, Rean calmly sheathes back his tachi with an after-effect final strike. A great explosion burning everything within a target radius, after announcing the S-Craft's name.

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