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Fort of Sun Zero-EVO

The Fort of Sun (太陽の砦 Taiyou no Torite) is one of the ancient ruins laying in the outskirts of Crossbell City in the Zero/Ao duology. In The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki, the abandoned ruins served as current headquarters for the D∴G Cult remnants, while being the final dungeon in the story.

Game Story

Zero no Kiseki

The Special Support Section, accopanied by the Bright siblings, descend deep into the Fortress. In the bowels, they discovered the missing citizens and the captive mafia who were kidnapped by the cult.

Eventually the party finds and confronts Joachim Guenter, and managing to end his reign of cruelty.

Maps and Items

Zero no Kiseki


  • The architecture, especially in the lower levels, look very similar to Gehenna in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd. This may not be coincidence considering the headquarters is the abode of demons summoned by the cult. Tio also mentions the dungeon was built as if it were a path into the Abyss.
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