The game follows the regular RPG basics of battling enemies for level-up EXP, talking to NPCs for hints, collecting weapons and treasures. In the original PC98 and Windows version however, the gameplay differ between the differences and quality of the 2 versions.


  • Party Members: Up to 4 members
  • Open Scenarios: Completely separate from the main story, they are sub-events to carry out and unlocked through certain conditions. (PC-98 only).
  • Status Growth: The leveling-up system in the game after battling enemies for EXP points until reaching the max level value. Split between the battle commands, Melee and Magic, they level up when that command is used each giving corresponding raises.
    • Melee Attack, Defense, Skill, Action, HP, Sword Guild Titles, Exchangeable Medals
    • Magic Action, Magic, Magic-Defense, Mentality, Magic Guild Titles, MP, new Spells
  • Battle Commands: Each character has the following commands labeled by icon (PC-98 only).
    • Attack: Using melee attacks and deadly.
    • Defend: Reduces damage, while increasing evasiveness
    • White Magic: Party member casts white magic.
    • Black Magic: Party member casts black magic.
    • Spirit Magic: Party member casts spirit magic. The summoned spirit returns after battle.
    • Item: Use Items during battle
    • Escape: Your party runs from battles, except bosses.

Version Differences

PC-98 Windows
Party Able to switch members Regardless of player's choice, the party is fixed by the game's scenario.
Stat Growth EXP gained not after battle, but after cutscene.
Leveling up raises a party member's corresponding status, and only during battle.
"Titles" are guild rewards after the character reaches a certain level, including raising the status of choice.

NOTE: After leveling up, the EXP value is reset, meaning no leftover EXP can add up.

The same as the previous LoH games the same console, with Level 1 as the game's starting default. EXP gained after battle.
Battle Tactical Combat System Battle Commands, with Auto-battle
Magic Each character uses a different proficiency in magic: White, Black and Spirit.
Others can use Deadly
Douglas can't use magic
Avin's use of magic depends on choice from the opening event.
There are 4 types: White, Black, Spirit and Support.
Some character can learn other types
Avin is set to use Black Magic
Magic consumes MP with the chanting time measured by the yellow AT gauge.
Save Only at the inns, tents and during mid-battles Can save anywhere


  • For info regarding Status Growth, see Stat Growth in the Final Fantasy Wiki.
  • The Open Scenario settings were then integrated into the Quest System for the Trails Games.
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