Akatsuki no Kiseki is a free-to-play online game with events, gashapon and other special reward campaigns most Japanese Online RPGs have to offer. Nevertheless, it still inherits some of the the classic Trails gameplay with yet-to-be seen character CGs. It is also available on Playstation Network.

Party Customization

Akatsuki member change
In this game, you can carry up to 8 member in your party, which is doubled the party number limit as most Trails games. While in some battles, you can borrow other user's characters as a Helper (助っ人 Suketto), extending the party limit to 9.

Action Time Battle

Akatsuki AT battle
Like all Trails games, the battle systems consists of taking turns while coordinating strategy, intercepting enemy turns with S-breaks while attacking with Arts and Crafts. Depending on battle performance, you receive EXP points and item drops.

Airship Transportation

Ainzel airship akatsuki
Like the Merkabah in the Ao no Kiseki finale and the Courageous in Trails of Cold Steel II, you have at the Ainsel airship to hangout, customize characters, check on events, and travel anywhere on the world map.
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