Combat Mechanics

  • Action Time Battle: with a new AT Bonus (an All-Out Attack)
  • Orbal Arts: with the new Engima Orbment module
  • Craft and S-Craft; along with new "Combination Crafts" and "Support Crafts".
  • Support Requests: otherwise known as Civilian requests, but still the same quest gameplay to build points and raise your rank.
  • Minigames: Fishing, Cooking, Casino and few others
  • Upgrading your weapons and armor.
  • Trade-in: buying rare items by exchanging your own items at a steep equivalent rate.

New Features

  • Burst: A new gauge during the battle that can be functional when you have a full party. When the gauge reaches max, your party gains the full turn advantage till the gauge returns to zero again. During Burst, your characters have full dexterity, cured of all status, cast arts with zero chanting.
  • Back Attack: Part of the field encounter where enemies gain the advantage. Watch your behind or the enemies will ambush your party, which randomly forces some of your support characters to enter.
  • Object Break: there are breakable objects which might have some goodies.
  • Master Quartz: a special rare quartz which is center-slotted in the new Enigma module. It can level up per battle, boosting the equipped character's parameters.
  • Car Customization: The SSS now has a car for instant transportation, and can be customized with different parts and paint jobs.
  • Data Import: If the save data from the previous sequel was kept, you can load the data into the new game. Some event scenes are altered from this effect if continue the storyline. In addition, the link events with other characters inheriting the same status, and unlocking new events.

New Events

  • Lakeside Beach at Michelam Wonderland: don't miss the fan service event there.
  • Save Crossbell's Fishing Guild Branch, by challenge the elite four and champion. So take the game slowly, and don't miss them.
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