Old Save Bonuses

Ao EVO Old Game Bonus
Free Bonuses are rewarded after completing the demo version, and the following games.
Game Reward Items
Ao no Kiseki DEMO Reviving Balm x5
EP Charge II x5
Emergency Puppet x1
Zeram Powder x1
HP 2
EP 2
Attack 2
Defense 2

Like the original PSP version, clearing the preivous sequel, Zero no Kiseki EVOLUTION, any of its cleared save data can be carried over with the following bonuses. NOTE: Some bonuses can alter depending on the performance from the previous game.

Bonus Effects
Levels All current levels of all party members
Quests and Events Certain quests and events can alter
Detective Rank Extra Mira Bonus
Fishing Rank Additional Fishing Bait
Combination Crafts All current strengthened CCs are carried over
Bonding Elie, Tio and Randy's Bonding Values
Others Furniture and ENIGMA covers
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