There are a total of 27 unlockable achievements in the PC version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Achievements are rewarded for multiple tasks during the game, including story-line, quests, collectibles and character development.

Story (5)

Icon Name Description
Fc BOY present Why Is My Present a BOY?! Complete the Prologue
Fc love and peace That's Love and Peace, Baby Complete Chapter 1
Fc puke off stage If You're Gonna Puke, Do It Off Stage Complete Chapter 2
Fc get worse injuries I Get Worse Injuries Than This From Shaving Complete Chapter 3
Fc i love you I've Always Loved You Complete Chapter 4

Quests (4)

Icon Name Description
Fc brace Brace(r) Yourself For Adventure! Complete all requests from the Bracer Guild
Fc trust justice In Justice We Trust! Obtain the maximum amount of Bracer Points and achieve the highest Bracer Rank
Fc pizza cake Pizza Cake Complete all achievements
Fc school spirit School Spirit Complete all quests at the school campus

Collectibles (8)

Icon Name Description
Fc patient plunderer Patient Plunderer Open all treasure chests and got every chest phrase
Fc lots of balls That's a Lot of Balls Collect every Quartz available in the game
Fc slot happy Slot Happy Open all orbment slots for each character
Fc wonder chef The True Wonder Chef Fill the Recipe Book
Fc weapon connoisseur Weapon Connoisseur Collect every weapon available in the game
Fc armor Armor Connoisseur Collect every armor available in the game
Fc trade for money You Can Trade Those for Money, You know... Collect 1,000 of each Sepith
Fc why this many Why Do You Have This Many?! Collect 9,999 of each Sepith

Character (3)

Icon Name Description
Fc ladiesman Ladies' Man Choose Tita, Kloe and/or Schera to join Joshua and Estelle in the Final Dungeon
Fc reverse harem Reverse Harem Choose Agate, Olivier and/or Zane to join Joshua and Estelle in the final dungeon
Fc perfect package The Perfect Package Return a certain blond-haired idiot to his boon companion

Combat (3)

Icon Name Description
Fc police patrol Police Patrol Exterminate all 'Big Monsters' along the roads
Fc premptive Preemptive Powerhouse Defeat 2nd Lieutenant Lorence during the battle before the final dungeon
Fc s-crafts? S-Craft? What S-Craft? Opt to fight the final battle without any use of S-Crafts

Misc (4)

Icon Name Description
Fc hobbyist Hobbyist Opt to fish all ten times at Valiera
Fc shiny Shiny, Shiny! Defeat one Shining Pom for each chapter.
Fc worldly reader Worldly Reader Read every issue of the Liberl News
Fc what happens What Happens Next? Purchase and read all chapters of Carnelia
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