Recurring Features

  • Recipes: Returning from FC. Players get to procure various foods they find throughout their adventures. Through purchasing or eating the food on the spot.
  • Quest Systems: Outside of Le Locle, players fulfill different bracer quests by talking to various NPCs. Try to complete the all as possible for full credit and rewards. But remember, advancing further into the story just may cancel out the task and that you would have lost BP.

New Features

  • Data Transfer (PSP & Steam):: At the beginning of the game, the player can transfer data from their save file they had from FC. Depending on the Bracer rank bonus, equipment and new orbments will be available. In this case, the result of bracer quests will have an effect on the dialogues of people met in FC.
  • Casino:: For the first time, players can partake in gambling. One of the quests also involves a Poker minigame.
  • Chain Crafts: is a new system introduced in SC. For the first time, players can team up with 2-4 fighters in assaulting the enemy. Provided that the enemy, or group of enemies, are within range of the chain attack.
  • Orbment System: Players are given new Orbment modules while being able to customize them from scratch.
  • Orbment Upgrades: For the first time, players can upgrade their quartz. This makes their orbments more effective.
  • Different Paths: Players will get to choose between Agate or Scherazard upon touching down on Grancel and heading to the guild. Scherazard specializes in speed and orbal arts, while Agate deals heavy damage with his heavy blade. There's no right or wrong choice. Just that dialogues will be different and the starting point will be different as well.
  • Gambler Jack: Scattered throughout the world are books series titled: Gambler Jack. Collecting this series (14 in all), will net the player a Zemurian Ore item that they can use to trade for their Ultimate weapon in the Orbal room section of the parked Arseille in Liber-Ark. Once they've collected all 14, they will have to report to Tita's grandfather in the parked Arseille outside of the Liber Ark park section, along with giving him a Zemurian Ore in order to make the exchange.
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