Trails in the Sky the 3rd presents gamers a whole new story away from the Liberl Kingdom. The game comes off as a side-story with Kevin Graham and Ries Argent as the main protagonist and heroine.

The Phantasma Dimension

While story's prologue starts off in Zemuria and Liberl, the two (and Gilbert) somehow ended up in an alternate dimension called Phantasma, the 3rd's main setting. By story chapter, your progress unlock a new sub-dimension corridor which are all altered realities of the locations from the previous 2 Sky games. They are sectioned off by impenetrable walls and unlocked by Seal Stones, shiny objects that removes the wall and also releases a party character within.

Game Changes

With the party members being the only population around, there will be nobody else roaming the towns. The only thing players will encounter will be enemies. No longer will you be able to complete quests sent by area guilds.

  • Party Members: More returning characters join the party by arriving through unknown circumstances. This leads up to 16 characters, making it the first game to have more members for support.
  • Arca of Recluse: The artifact itself can be a teleportation device throughout the corridors for fast travel.
  • Star, Moon & Sun Doors: This where events take place. Between past, present and future for each characters. The sun doors are entrances to new mini-games.
  • Monuments: The monuments located throughout the corridors carry out the shop functionalities:
    • HP/EP full recovery as the inns
    • Weapon upgrades
    • Armor upgrades, accessories and item purchases
    • Quartz and Slots Upgrades, like the Orbal factories.
    • Sepith Currency Exchange
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