Aside from Class VII members, and once you've obtained the Courageous, Rean can recruit characters throughout eastern Erebonia. Doing so will enable the their services onboard the Courageous. Some will require you to find a particular item for them. Once you have the item in hand, you would have to return it to them. Only then, that they will consider joining your ranks.

Section Town or field Person of interest Exact location Item or Person
December 15 Garrelia Proving Grounds Monica Store area Laura must be with you when talking to her
December 15 Garrelia Byroad Emily & Nicholas Garrelia Byroad 2 camp Must install 6 relay points into the given lamp posts, marked with a "!"
December 15 Legram Vivi & Casper Church (right side room), Dojo (left side room) Must have Fie when talking to Vivi and a copy of the 4th volume of the Imperial Chronicle when talking to Casper
December 15 Nord Highlands Beryl, Mint & Clara Stone Monument, Watchtower & Ancient Quarry Camp Mint (Watchtower - Find her watch at the rooftop), Clara (Ancient Quarry - She asks you to go through the Quarry and obtain her rock) and you can talk to Beryl at the Stone Monument
December 19-20 Garrelia Proving Grounds Munk Twin Dragons Bridge - Office Speak to Olaf Craig
December 19-20 East Celdic Highway 1 Paula Farm Must have Jusis with you. Head to Lunaria Nature Park - Area 2 via Western Celdic Highway 2
December 19-20 East Trista Highway Alan & Loggins Find out if there is an alternate route to Trista - Go to the 3 areas marked with a green "!"
December 19-20 North Kreuzen Highway 3 Fidelio & Dorothee Fidelio (Judgement Bolt chest area) Speak to Dorothee after Angelica's event
December 23 Roer, Nortia Highway - Area 2, Schwarz Drache Barrier & Eisengard Mountain Range Hibelle, Hugo, Kenneth, Margarita & Stefan Hibelle (finished Gone Air quest), Hugo (RF Store), Kenneth (Nortia Highway 3), Margarita (Schwarz Drache Barrier - Rest Area) & Stefan (Roer Institute of Technology) Talk to Ratto. He'll tell you that Stefen's located at Nortia Highway. You'll find him in the 2nd area of the Nortia Highway trapped between three Fate Spinners
December 27 Bareahard & Aurochs Fort Bridget, Threshia, Rex & Colette Bridget (Noble district - 2nd residential house), Thresia (2nd floor of Central restaurant, talk to Baron Caroline), Colette (Artisan district, jeweler shop) & Rex (Aurochs Fort) Bridget (bring Alan), Thresia (bring Emily - Underground waterway (Central)), Colette (collect 4 Dryad Tears), Rex (bring Fidelio - Aurochs Fort)
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