This page lists the downloadable content for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III in Japan's Playstation Network, only for Playstation 4.

Limited Edition DLC

All the items seen below is available for both the PlayStation 3 and PSVita

DLC Type & Image Available Date Contents
New Thors Uniform DLC September 28, 2017 "An Invitation from Thors Main Campus"
A product DLC code for the new crimson uniform worn by the Thors Main Campus for the new Class VII members.

Bonus DLC

DLC Type & Image Available Date Contents
CS3 Store Bonus DLC September 28, 2017 Deluxe Fanservice
Special bonus DLC given when purchased only at the following shops.
  • Altina's "Kitty Noir" - A swimsuit costume with neko features "sneaked" Millium. Available only at Geo
  • Musse's "Coquettish Blue" - A sexy swimsuit to "charm" Rean. Available only at
  • Juna's "Crossbell Cheer!" - A cheerleader outfit during the Police Academy days. Available only at Game TATSUYA


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