Combat Mechanics

  • Action Time Battle: Like all Trails games, they inherit the traditional Action Time Battle system (AT Battle). However, the system is said to be polished more intuitively than previous games, with a more comfortable the Direct Command System[1]
  • BP System: Short for Bravery Points, a new battle system for the Cold Steel trilogy, which is accumulated by Brave Orders and Combat Links thanks to the newest Orbment model by the Reinford Group.
  • Field Attack: Like all remakes of the Trails games, attacking enemies on the field determines the battle advantage. In CS3, "Assault Attacks" are introduced which guarantees the battle advantage, but consumes Assault "Points" which builds up as time passes or by destroying objects.

New Functions

Image Description
Battle System ToCS3
Direct Command
Unlike the "Ring Command" system from the previous game, it has been replaced with the "Direct Command" system where actions are set via buttons settings from the D-Pad and face buttons.

Gunbreaker Gunner CS3

Gunbreaker Striker CS3

Gunbreaker Tonfas
A battle-mode switch system exclusive only to Juna Crawford. It allows her to switch between modes on her tonfas during battle. Juna's status differ between the modes, hence each mode requires a different advantage at the right enemy.
  • Striker Mode for close-range attacks on single targets
  • Gunner Mode: for mid-ranged shooting on multiple targets.
Brave Order CS3
Brave Order
A new system to the CS trilogy in which "orders" are activated during each character's turn without consuming theirs. Each order is granted to the entire part for a limited amount of turns.
CS3 Break Status 1
Break Gauge
A new separate parameter gauge (the blue bar underneath) where the enemy “breaks” a new status effect, giving the player numerous advantages such as: increased damage and item drops, unbalancing enemies.
CS3 Enhanced Status 2
Enhanced (高揚):
A new type of state enhancement compared to Abnormal Statuses and Rean's Spirit Unification. Only done by high-ranking Jaegers and monsters where all their attacks become "critical", reduced damage, and capable of performing S-Breaks. Only by "breaking" the enemy should the enhancement be cancelled, where the amount of Break Damage is increased during then.
Divine Knight Battle CS3
Divine Knight System (騎神戦)
The mecha-to-mecha battles have escaleted to new heights with new elements, group battles and an upgraded partner system. Hence not just commanding Rean and Valimar, but an whole unit of characters in their soldats linked with a partner.[2]
Training Grounds CS3 01
Training Curriculum
Hop aboard the campus's private train, the Derfflinger and travel around the continent to follow through the provided missions and drill exercises[3]


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