Zero-evo at battle

All new interface in the next chapter

Like the previous Trails Games, the player controls the protagonist around accessible locations in the game, and strategize in battle with the series's traditional AT Battle System.

Combat Mechanics

  • Action Time Battle: Like all Trails Games with new AT Bonus
    • Encounters: Attack the enemy from behind on the RPG field to gain the advantage
    • Team Rush: The whole party attacks all enemies.
  • ENIGMA: The new orbment that enhances its user's performance and utilize varieties of arts old and new.
  • New Arts and Crafts
    • Combination Crafts: A team-rush version of the S-Crafts when the required party members have over 100CP. Clear and repeat the story to collect and upgrade them all.
    • Support Crafts: When the time is right, one of the party members in reserve uses his/her craft as backup support.
  • Support Requests: Like all police, they maintain communication with its districts' citizens' by completing their requests. Complete them all to earn points and raise your detective rank status.
  • Minigames: Fishing, Cooking, Casino and new others
  • Notebook Completion Fill all the monster, fishing, and recipe notebooks, and submit them completed in exchange for rewards.

New Features

  • Upgrading your weapons and armor.
  • Trade-in: buying rare items by exchanging your own items at a steep equivalent rate.
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