The Legend of Heroes III Electric Orchestra
LoH3 Electric Orchestra Cover
Cover Information
Catalog # NW10102430
Release Date February 10, 2001
Price 1,980 Yen
Classification Arrangement
Published by Falcom
Media Format 1 CD
Composed by
Arranged by Tamiya Terashima
Performed by J.D.K. Electric Orchestra
Lyrics by
Total Length 44:07 mins

The Legend of Heroes III Electric Orchestra is a arranged orchestra album for the game, The Legend of Heroes III: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch. It was released on February 10, 2001.


  1. The White Witch Gueld
  2. Afternoon on the Beach
  3. Melody
  4. See Our Spirit
  5. The Great Battle of Bolt
  6. Oldos Cathedral
  7. Queen Isabelle
  8. Little Heroes
  9. Demise
  10. In the Sparkle of Love


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