The Whereabouts of Light
Hoshi no arika single cover
Cover Information
Catalog #
Release Date Jun 24, 2004
Classification Singe Vocal
Published by Falcom
Media Format CD
Composed by Falcom Sound Team JDK
Arranged by Kohei Wada
Performed by u-mi, Kazuko Ito
Lyrics by Hideaki Hamada
Total Length 5:59 mins

The Whereabouts of Light (星の在り処 Hoshi no Arika) is the ending theme song to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, the first of the Kiseki game franchise.


  1. The Whereabouts of Light
  2. The Whereabouts of Light (Less Vocal Version)


君の影 星のように 朝に溶けて消えていく

行き先を失くしたまま 想いは溢れてくる
強さにも弱さにも この心は向き合えた
君とならどんな明日が 来ても怖くないのに
二人歩いた時を 信じていて欲しい
真実も嘘もなく 夜が明けて朝が来る
星空が朝に溶けても 君の輝きはわかるよ

さよならを知らないで 夢見たのは 一人きり
あの頃の 君の目には 何が映っていたの?
二人つないだ時を 誰も消せはしない
孤独とか痛みとか どんな君も感じたい
もう一度 見つめ合えれば 願いはきっと叶う

夜明け前 まどろみに 風が頬を 流れていく
君の声 君の香りが 全てを包んで満ちていく

思い出を羽ばたかせ 君の空へ舞い上がる
星空が朝に溶けても 君の輝きはわかるよ

愛してる ただそれだけで 二人はいつかまた会える

kimi no kage hoshi no you ni

asa ni tokete kiete yuku
ikisaki wo nakushita mama
omoi wa afuretekuru

tsuyosa ni mo yowasa ni mo
kono kokoro wa mukiaeta
kimi to nara donna ashita ga
kite mo kowakunai noni

futari aruita toki wo
shinjiteite hoshii

shinjitsu mo uso mo naku
yoru ga akete asa ga kuru
hoshizora ga asa ni tokete mo
kimi no kagayaki wa wakaru yo

soyonara wo shiranai de
yumemita no wa hitorikiri
ano koro no kimi no me ni wa
nani ga utsutteita no?

futari tsunaida toki wo
dare mo kese wa shinai

kodoku toka itami toka
donna kimi mo kanjitai
mou ichido mitsumeaereba
negai wa kitto kanau

yoake mae madoromi ni
kaze ga hoho wo nagareteiku
kimi no koe kimi no kaori ga
subete wo tsutsunde michiteiku

omoide wo habatakase
kimi no sora e maiagaru
hoshizora ga asa ni tokete mo
kimi no kagayaki wa wakaru yo

aishiteru tada sore dake de
futari wa itsuka mata aeru

Your shadow, like the stars,

will dissolve into the morning sky and disappear.
I have lost your whereabouts,
but my thoughts of you are overflowing.[1]

My heart was able to face
both strength and weakness.
As long as I'm with you,
I won't fear tomorrow no matter what it's like.

Please believe in the times
when the two of us were walking together.

There's no truth or lie;
dawn will break, and morning will come.
Even when the starry sky dissolves at dawn,
I will still be able to identify your shine.

Not knowing what "goodbye" is,
I was dreaming all by myself.
At that time, in your eyes,
what was being reflected?

The times when the two of us were connected,
no one will ever erase them.

Be it loneliness or pain,
I want to feel you no matter what.
If we can look each other in the eyes once more,
our wish will surely come true.

Before the break of dawn,
the wind flows down our cheeks mesmerizingly.
Your voice and your fragrance,
they engulfed and filled up my everything.

Let the memories fly,
then they will soar up to your sky.
Even when the starry sky dissolves at dawn,
I will still be able to identify your shine.

I love you, it's that simple,
so the two of us will be able to meet again.


  • It is one the popular Falcom songs to be reprised by other artists, like Chihiro Yonekura.
  • According to Olivier Lenheim, the song was said to be beloved by Erebonian country folk.


  1. All English Translations go to Asamidori
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