Theta (セータ Seta) is a large port town that features a dock and warehouses and is home to many from the army. The town keeps a fair share of monster carts that are used for transportation to Valkd.


Avin and company deliver a message from Baron Conrad to a General in Theta. The General arranges a monster cart from them to travel to the capital. Avin looks around town while Mile and Eimelle head to the inn. While walking around, Avin goes into a warehouse and sees a girl hiding behind some boxes. She is being attacked by the red-haired man who attacked Avin and Mile outside Sage Dinerken's mansion with Rutice. Avin goes to defend her but is hurt. Rutice arrives just as the man was attempting to steal Kabessa and Kuerupo and stops him and is identified as Bernard. Avin is taken to recover at the inn. The next morning, the group heads out to their monster cart to Valkd.
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