Thomas Lysander
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Kanji トマス・ライサンダー
Rōmaji Tomasu Raisandā
True Name
Alias(es) The Partitioner
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Light Grey-Violet
Weapon Orbal Staff
Affiliation Thors Military Academy
Occupation • History and Literature Instructor
• Dominion No. 2
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)

Thomas Lysander is the history and literature instructor at Thors Military Academy in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. In Trails of Cold Steel II after unlocking a secret event, it is revealed he is No. 2 of the Gralsritter Dominion Knights.


Thomas's first appears as an epitome of carefree of all things around him, students and staff members alike. As a history instructor, he's very knowledgeable in folklore and legends between reading in the library while presenting his lectures.

His optimistic attitude and easygoing personality does seem to get on some folks nerves, such as stating Sara and Neidhardt's issues regardlessly. Yet his character portrays him to be a skilled fighter, while holdings Orbal Staff on the battlefield. After his true character was revealed in Trials of Cold Steel II, Thomas keeps his old personality while keeping his stern and serious demeanor as a hidden persona.


Trails of Cold Steel

As first introduced, Thomas is shown to be one of the most understanding of the academy staff, being a major bookworm devoted to research. Always optimistic with playing a minor role in the game, he assists Class VII outside lectures and during the Academy Festival.

He was last seen with the other Thors staff holding down the fort, as the Noble Alliance engages to seize the Academy.

Trails of Cold Steel II

After fully decoding all the Black Records, the hidden event is unlocked revealing that he and Rosine were undercover knights set by the Septian Church. Thomas is actually the Second Dominion of Gralsritter, with Rosine as his squire. and engages in a private conversation with Rean, asking for his co-operation being the awakener of Valimar, a fragment of the Great Power.

After the discussion ends, Thomas comments that Rean's assistance is required to uncover Erebonia's two Sept-Terrion and the secrets of the Divine Knight System.


  • Master Arts Wizard: As an instructor of Erebonia's most honored academy, Thomas is highly skilled with his Orbal Staff, capable of taking down a Panzer Soldat with the resulting Arts.
  • Undercover and Stealth:As revealed in ToCS2, Thomas's outer character was a hidden persona, allowing him to stay undercover and keep even experienced military personnel unaware of his ruse.
  • Partition: Thomas can create a subspace that essentially freezes time for those inside, with anyone not invited in remaining unaware of its presence. This is typically used to hold meetings and devise plans without having to worry about time passing in the outside world
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