127 annual thors academy festival

The 127th annual Thors Academy Festival in Trails of Cold Steel

Acdemy festival last year

Towa, Crow, Angelica and George from last year

Class 7 rock concert

Class VII's first rock concert

The Thors Academy Festival (トールズ学院祭 Torrusu Gakuinsai) is the annual open day event held at the Thors Academy in the Trails universe. A day of the year where military students display their artistic achievements, while letting all visiting people understand the school's atmospheres and for students' parents to see their children's work.

In Trails of Cold Steel, the game celebrates the 127th anniversary with Rean Schwarzer walking around helping other students for last-minute preparations. On the first day, Rean will guide around while participating events with the character of choice as a festival committee member. He and Class VII perform their own rock concert, following last year's step.

List of Game Events

  • Super Stallion (Mach Stalion): Held by the Equestrian Club. Ride around laps to collect while avoiding obstacles on the ground in the shortest time. Avoiding hurdles will give a penalty.
  • Mishy Panic: A whack-a-mole (whack-a-mishy) game to obtain a high score.
  • Stella Garden: An astronomical pavilion with a starry sky ceiling with constellations. It is a romantic atmosphere for couples, especially with the female party members.
  • Gate of Avalon: Playing the Blade minigame with your regular of event-seclusive players.
  • Eastern Teahouse: A bonding event resting stop with the partner-of-choice, while puling out a fortune strip.


  • The festivity refers to the real-world cultural festivals in Japanese schools in reference to the game's original development in Japan.
  • It is a major bonding event for all character links, and a big influence for whom Rean chooses in the end during the bonfire and the game's ending.


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