Practical exam tocs
Written exams aside, the Thors Academy hold mandatory Practical Exams (実技テスト Jitsuki Testo) by the end of the month to test the student's strength, stamina and adaptability to assess strategic decision in all combat situations. The exams takes place on the Academy's field, whereas all Class VII students are tested by Sara Valestein, their homeroom teacher and combat instructor.

For it is a tactical test, you must meet the following conditions to pass the exam. Carefully customize the selected members into combat as the exam levels get higher as the story progresses as Class VII face against scarecrow archaisms.

Trails of Cold Steel

Date Selected Members Opponent(s) Conditions
April 21, S1204
Rean, Elliot, Gaius Combat Shell α No one is knocked out during the battle
Rean, Alisa, Gaius, Laura Combat Shell β Cancel an enemy art
June 23, S1204
Only Males Patrick and Noble Students No arts or K.O.s throughout the battle


  • BEWARE of their strength because they are adjusted to higher parameters per month.
  • It is one of the rare opportunities to obtain high link EXP, so combat-link each character wisely.
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