Tia Bridge (ティア橋 Tia Hash) is a long bridge in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion over a river that lies between Guia and Balloa.


As Avin and Mile are crossing the bridge, they are approached by two men. One of them is a well dressed man who inquires about the monster attack in Guia and the other is a young sailor. The two men proceed on and thank the group for their information. Before leaving, the sailor warns them that monster sightings have increased lately around Balloa.

Later during their journey back, they see Baron Conrad confronted by assassins on the bridge. Rutice warns the group that the Dark Sorcerer they see is a master of witchcraft and a right hand man to Bellias, giving them the opportunity to help defeat them. After defeating the first wave of assassins, Avin and company advances closer towards the Baron's position as he is being attacked. The second wave of assassins are defeated but the sorcerer seemingly uses a Transfer spell to retreat. With the Baron safe, they return with him back to Balloa.

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