Tibri Village (チブリ村 Chiburi Mura) is a small village with relatively few houses. It is the birthplace of Shannon.

Hostages in Tibri

When Avin and the group first arrive in the village, they find that the people in the village have been taken hostage by the Syamseal Gang, led by Fatima. Outside the town is the General from Phildin and they also recognize Muse, the Princess of Phildin who wants to help with the hostage situation. The group develops a plan, knowing that Fatima is demanding the Book of Life in exchange for the hostages. Because Avin and the rest of the party do not have the book, they come up with a fake one. They give the fake to the General while they sneak in to rescue the townspeople. Fatima realizes the book is a fake and uses a hostage they had with them, Shannon, to demand the real book. Fatima attacks the General and take Shannon to Ziziki Cave where the group must travel, finding Fatima and Shannnon at the end of the cave's passages. They defeat Fatima, who later escapes, and rescue Shannon.

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