Tita is a physical attacker with a long range area of effect attacks. Her stats are generally a little below average and with very low health, but she is a little quick in agility. This makes her a high risk + high reward character that excels at mobbing when she is protected well. Her crafts all have an area of effect and are ground targeting. They are useful when grinding during the Zeiss arc of FC. In the end of FC she is usually not used due to being susceptible to 1-hit KO by the high damage monsters.

Her last S-Craft Satellite beam can have an extension that increase the damges dealt and have an effect on all the battle area. In the 3rd, Tita via a memory door gains the ability to summon and control a robot called the Orbal Gear, this art double the HP and the strengh of Tita and make her able to attack from far away and she can also spam the enemy with an attack that expulse the target very far . However this makes her unable to use S-craft and if she is gets KO she loses all her EP.

Her own Orbment is very limited with it having two slots limited to Space Quartz and well as having multiple lines. In FC she is limited to the number of spells she can use as there are no space element orbal arts. Space quartz are used for many area of effect attacks but generally one quartz is enough to fulfil the requirements. Together with her short orbal lines, this blocks her from accessing higher level orbal arts. Therefore it is recommended to equip quartz for the purpose of increasing her attack power such as Action, Attack and Hit.

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