Torkas Cave (トスカス洞窟 Tosukasu Doukutsu) is a natural cavern that contains some water with a few wooden stakes held together by ropes scattered throughout it. Bridges cover the small portions of water. In the back of the cave is a room containing many chests, which hold the items the group came to retrieve. The cave lies west of Borun.

Avin, Mile and Douglas travel to the cave after receiving a tip in Borun that Douglas' Thunder Sword was taken there by bandits, who apparently also took Kabessa and Mile's Guardian Bell. While making their way through the cave's passages, Mile hears a sound which he believes is his Guardian Bell. They eventually come up near the gang, ease-dropping on them talking about the bell and Kabessa. The group runs up, confronts the gang and defeats them. They proceed towards the back room that contains many chests and find the Kabessa and Guardian Bell, but not Douglas' Thunder Sword. The return back to where the defeated the gang and Douglas questions them about his sword. They tell them they sold it to a merchant named Garcia, who deals in stolen goods. Douglas asks the group to tell the Guild about the gang and leaves the group to look for his sword.

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