Trista concept

The concept art of Trista in Trails of Cold Steel trilogy

Trista (トリスタ Torisuta) is a suburban town located east of the capital and reachable via a 20-minute ride on the transcontinental railroad. It is a somewhat old-fashioned town that maintains a snug atmosphere. The Thors Military Academy is located at the north side of the town, with the students and faculty filling the streets. The Trista Radio Station is also located in this town, broadcasting various orbal-radio programs.


Trails of Cold Steel 2

12/30: Liberating Trista

The Noble Alliance has Trista on lock-down, which they have many students, faculty and other citizens as a hostage. Patrick T. Hyarms lead a group of Nobles, calling themselves: The Order of the Lions.

Teams A & B successfully penetrate the Trista airspace and commence their attack against the nobles. Team A, being led by Towa. And anybody that the player didn't assign will be with group B.



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