Truth Island (真実の島 Shinjitsu no Shima) is a small island located north of the western continent and accessible through Dorx, the main portion of the land is covered in old buildings and ruins from the Blue Tribe. Beyond the rubble are doors to the ruins, a well preserved area containing an altar where people go to experience visions and revelations.



Avin, Gawaine and Rutice first head to Dorx then make their way to Truth Island. Arriving on the island, they make their way through a maze and learn that the civilization once belonged to the Blue Tribe. They continue and make their way to the shrine in Truth Island where they meet a mysterious sorcerer by the name of Michel de Lap Haven. He explains to them he is from another world and joins them as they head to the altar. Avin places Kabessa and Kuerupo but nothing happens. Mitchell tells them to look away and casts a spell. When they turn around, they see the objects floating.

The three of them have visions induced by the treasures and see the location of the other four treasures, as well as a sword. When their vision ends, Mitchell is gone. They take the treasures and head back to Valkd.
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