Twin dragons bridge
The Twin Dragons Bridge (双龍橋 Sou Ryuu Kyou) is one of the newest accessible locations in Trails of Cold Steel II. It is one of the Erebonian Empire's inter-connecting areas between Celdic and the Garrelia Fortress.

Rea and Class Vii visits the area 2 times; one for relocating scattered Thors students, and the other as a rescue mission to save Fiona from the Kreuzen Provincial army. The commander of the army sends two Kaiser Doven canines after Rean and his team when finally reaching the control tower. But was eventually defeated by Rean's team followed by Neithardt's swift strike silencing the commander.


Trails of Cold Steel 2

The Twin Dragons Bridge acts like a stop over before going to the Garrelia Fortress. Here, Rean can undergo their first hidden quest involving a merchant arguing with the provincial soldier.

On Rean's second trip, he and Class VII head on a rescue mission for Elliot's sister, Fiona from the Kreuzen Provincial army.

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