Kanji ウーナ
Rōmaji Unna
Physical Information
Age 14
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color Pink
Occupation Musician
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

Una (ウーナ Unna) is the 14 year-old musician, and heroine of Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean.

Character Description

Una smiles
Forte's childhood friend that lives in Racos Palma with her parents. Even though her parents fight a lot, Una is a very happy girl, that often helps out at the local dyestuff factory. Una has liked Forte since the first time she saw him, but lately, these feelings have gotten stronger and stronger. Una wants to confess her love for Forte, but this isn't very easy for her, since Forte seems to be avoiding long conversations when the two of them are alone.

Fighting Style

Una fights using a bow and arrow and specializes in attacking from afar either with her bow or using resonance spells due to her high Mind stat. Since she attacks from far away she will make the best healer, allowing her to stay at a distance and cast restorative magic on her allies. Una suffers from lower defense and HP than Forte and McBain, so she needs to regularly stay out of harm's way to avoid being KO'd.


Skill Description
Aim Well Aim Well to raise the critical hit rate.
Care a simple care restores HP slightly.
Aim Far Aim at enemies located farther than usual.
Wholehearted a wholehearted performance raises the attack power with Resonance Spells.
Shadow Stitch The enemy's shadow is stitched to the ground to make the enemy immobile.

Finishing Moves

Skill Description
Shining Arrow An arrow technique to pierce through the enemy with a shining arrow
Spread Arrow An arrow technique to launch multiple shining arrows.
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